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The triangular bandage is one of the most standard contents of a first aid kit. S56, s8, s10 passim july 2003 with 371 reads how we measure reads. How to put on a bandage emergency first aid st john ambulance. The three general types of bandages are triangular bandages. Bandage meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. Spiral figure of eight methods of applying bandages. Elastic bandaging for orthopedic and sports injuries prevention and rehabilitation. Bandaging is the process of covering a wound or an injured part. Weve put some small files called cookies on your device to make our site work. The following five basic forms of bandaging can be used to apply most types of bandages. Also known as a cravat bandage, a triangular bandage is a piece of cloth put into a rightangled triangle, and often provided with safety pins to secure it in place. Each bandaging technique consists of various basic forms of bandaging. Make an extended cravat bandage by using two triangular bandages a.

A triangular bandage sling is usually made from a muslin. The first bandaging technique to be discussed is the triangular bandage. Although the bandaging layers stay the same, bandaging technique will vary depending on the area that the bandage needs to be applied to. Triangular bandages basic bandaging forms each bandaging technique consists of various basic forms of bandaging.

Pdf elastic bandaging for orthopedic and sports injuries. Why patients do not comply with compression bandaging article in british journal of nursing mark allen publishing 1211 suppl. Other methods of inflation can make the splint too tight and thus slow. War dep ar tment field manual f m 850 this manual supersedes fm 859, 11 september 1940, including changes no. The main ways in which a triangular bandage can be used, either as a temporary. Fold the extended bandage into a single cravat bandage d. Hand bandage place the hand in the middle of the triangular bandage with the wrist at the base of the place the apex over the fingers and tuck any excess material into the pleats on each side of the hand cross the ends on top of the hand, take them around the wrist, and tie them with a square knot. Hold a dressing in place over an open wound apply direct pressure over a dressing to control bleeding prevent or reduce swelling provide support and stability for an extremity or joint a bandage should be clean not sterile. Bandage definition is a strip of fabric used especially to cover, dress, and bind up wounds. Fold the two bandages into a single extended bandage c. It also discusses the techniques for applying dressings and bandages to specific parts of the body. To prevent contamination of wound by holding dressings in position. This is the compressed muslin bandage sp20005ffb15,652011755.

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